Amish Peanut Butter {Church Spread}

One of our favorite ways to eat Amish Peanut Butter is to spread it on warm right-out-of-the-oven homemade bread.  Oh, but it’s good on so many other things. 

It’s also yummy on biscuits, pancakes, waffles, saltine or graham crackers, apples, bananas, celery, and ice cream.  You can eat it on about anything you would eat regular peanut butter on.  


2 cups brown sugar
1 cup water
2 cups peanut butter plus 2 heaping tablespoons
7 ounces marshmallow creme
2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla or maple flavoring 


In a saucepan combine sugar and water; bring to a boil. Boil for 2 minutes.

Add flavoring and stir in the peanut butter,

marshmallow creme and the corn syrup. Mix well and let cool. Delicious!