Beautiful Latke Charcuterie Board

Recipe from Meg Quinn, Ain't too Proud to Meg


Everyone has their own traditions, and I’m here for all of it. Whether you love the classic toppings, or want to get into something new, this board gives you loads of options. It’s very versatile. 

  • You must include the ultimate classics: sour cream and applesauce. I put each into a ramekin and place them on the board. 

  • I also love serving lox or whitefish salad on the side for some protein. If you’re a fan of lox, you must also check out my bagel brunch board (with all the fixins).

  • Feeling really decadent? You can add caviar to the spread. I highly suggest treating yourself to Roe Caviar.

  • Finely diced onions, chopped chives, fresh herbs like dill or parsley are excellent fresh flavors to add. 

  • Cream cheese, ricotta, or greek yogurt would be a fun alternative to sour cream. 

  • Hard boiled eggs, diced up make a great topping for vegetarians or non-dairy folks. 


As always, make it your own! Have fun with it and make it festive


Fresh, traditional fried potato pancakes are such a yummy comfort food. I know the process of making latkes is often part of the holiday tradition for most. I get it, it’s a fun holiday activity and who doesn’t love a homemade latke!? If that’s your thing, go for it. 


I personally don’t have the patience for grating potatoes and making these from scratch. I’m not ashamed to admit use the Trader Joe’s Frozen Latkes, and they are great! They are easy to heat and serve, and tasty too! 

To keep them warm for guests I either serve them right away (you may want to do a few rounds for folks to get them when they are piping hot) or place them all in a basket on the side of your board, with a kitchen towel covering. 


These days there are so many options to choose from. Trader Joe’s makes a cauliflower latke and I’ve seen folks make sweet potato ones as well. As always, I recommend having fun with it and trying new things. Plus, it offers up different options for people with dietary restrictions and encourages guests to try lots of flavor combinations.


Other than the toppings, you must have snacks to accompany the latkes. Apple slices, of course.

I like giving guests plenty of options to build flavorful bites and round out their snacks. You can see the labels of all the items I’ve added to this board below. 

  • I’m always big on produce because it adds great color to your board and also interesting flavors. Cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, and 

  • I love chips on a latke board. Potato chips, Kettle Chips, everything bagel chips, or anything salty that can cut through the richness of a latke but are also delicious when dipped in any of the toppings you’ve put out. A classic potato chip + creme fraiche + caviar combo is super elegant for the holidays. Yum! 

  • Don’t forget the garnishes! Lemon wedges, capers or caperberries, olives, and herbs are all great to give your board a bit more flair. 


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