Instant Pot Kettle Corn

Instant Pot Kettle Corn.jpeg

By Jim Cooks Food Good



Instant Pot Kettle popcorn is the best snack out there! Kettle corn is amazing as is, but the insulated power of the multicooker (I used an instapot) allows for a deeper, more rich flavor. Make this in whatever you have, just recognize that it may take a batch or two to perfect it with your model. Either way, this  Instapot Kettle corn is sure to become your new favorite snack!


2 tablespoons neutral oil
¼ cup popcorn kernels
2 tablespoons brown sugar ( or white sugar )
½ teaspoon table salt


Set the Instapot/Multicooker to high sauté, and heat for 3 minutes.
Once hot, add in all ingredients and stir well. Cover with the lid and patiently wait until the popcorn pops; this will vary from pot to pot, but mine started at 3 minutes.

Once popping has started, CAREFULLY jiggle your pot off and on during the popping, which should last 2-3 minutes. Serve immediately!

Notes from Kimberly @ SHF:

I have been making this at home for my family. I use regular white sugar as the brown sugar burns easier in my Ninja Foodi pot. I use a regular frying pan lid to cover the top of the cooker and I STIR my popcorn a few times as it cooks instead of trying to shake the cooker.  Just lift your frying pan lid a bit on the side away from you and stir . Also, I don't measure my ingredients...

I just eyeball it depending on how much kettle corn I want to make.

We love this popcorn!!  Super easy and fun! Stores well in a Ziploc bag.