Picnic Egg Salad

Active Time: 15 Mins

Total Time: 15 Mins

Yield: Makes 18 Egg Salad Toast


It wouldn’t be summer in the South without a go-to Egg salad. Blue skies and long afternoons practically command leisurely picnics atop gingham blankets, underneath a shady canopy of rustling summer leaves. No picnic is complete without an easy sandwich, and egg salad is one of the most nostalgic of spreads.


We have made a few simple updates to the classic, ensuring that you’ll want to whip up this recipe every weekend, all summer long. You pack the picnic basket, and we’ll provide the egg salad recipe—with a special ingredient. The best part is that it only takes 15 minutes to put together, so you know this will be perfect for those impromptu afternoon adventures. Throw it together, grab the car keys, and your family will be ready to take on the day.


For this recipe, you’ll combine hard-boiled eggs, mayo, dill, scallions, salt, and the special addition: radishes. We recommend packing the egg salad alongside a crusty baguette, but you could also use your favorite loaf of bread or buttery croissants. It’s a no-fail sandwich strategy. You could also add in a hint of radish, which offers a peppery bite. The flavor of radish eliminates the need to add black pepper to the mix. It elevates the egg salad, making sure that adults will love it too. We think it’s perfect for picnics, but this egg salad recipe is also special enough for tea parties, cut into neat triangles, as a serve-yourself appetizer, or for a midnight egg salad-sandwich snack.


If you want to prep in advance, you can boil the eggs up to two days ahead of time. You can also add in other spices, like paprika, cayenne, or black pepper, depending on your flavor preferences.


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