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Hello All,


First I would like wish you a happy Thursday as we are approaching the weekend. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of summer. Just a quick reminder that estimated tax payments are due June 15 for the 2nd quarter payments. Please allow enough time for processing by the IRS to ensure you are not late in making payments.


I also want you all to be aware that there is a scam going around again where the caller states they are from the IRS and if you do not send money quickly (usually within a few hours) the IRS is going to put you in jail, take your money from your bank accounts, put a lien on your house, or other threats. The IRS does not operate in this manner. The IRS DOES NOT CALL you. They sent certified letters letting you know if you owe money. The IRS rarely puts people in jail for non-payment – only if you are a tax evader refusing to comply or at least work with them on a payment plan.


IRS has to go through proper channels in order to collect a debt owed them. They do not call and demand payment without due course of action. You have the right to provide the IRS with documentation showing your ability or lack of ability to pay. The IRS will almost always give you thirty days to sort out any discrepancies and usually takes up to a year before they can forcibly collect any debt – and you have plenty of notice it is coming.


IRS cannot collect from you if you do not have the ability to pay. Debtor prisons are illegal – even for the IRS! If you can prove you are Currently Not Collectable (CNC) the IRS will put you in that status and keep your there until the statue expires. Yes, the statue does expire – usually after ten years from the time the tax is assessed (which can be up to 15 years from the time it was due)

So if you get one of these calls, please do not send them money! IT IS A SCAM! Please do not fall for these. I know they can be scary and threatening for any letter from the IRS and a telephone call demanding payment or threatening to put a lien on your house, is scary – but it is a scam.




The IRS WILL put you in jail for failure to file! So even if you can’t pay, you must file. That is the law! Many people have tried before us to have the IRS declared unconstitutional but the Supreme Court Justices have always found in the IRS’s favor (probably because the US Government pays their salaries and they want to ensure their future salaries).


If you receive a call and you question if it is legitimate, please do not hesitate to call me or the IRS directly. Or you can report such telephone calls to the IRS directly and they will do their best to shut down the operation.




Virginia Shelby

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