Our team specializes in small business planning and income tax minimization. We find that many small business significantly over pay their taxes and often miss important deductions they are legally entitled to take. Our goal is to help you and your business catch these tax over-payments and invest them into more profitable areas.


At the beginning of the process, our team will perform a complete business analysis to determine if you are using the correct entity structure for your business model. The wrong business entity can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in taxes that you don’t legally need to pay.


We then research into your business to determine deductions that are unique to your company. Each industry has deductions that are unique only to that business. Without proper tax planning you may be missing deductions that you could be taking but was unaware because you were using “general” business tax advise rather than tax advise specific to your business.


Our team also offers our family of small businesses QuickBooks and Payroll Services to make running their small business easier.



Small Business Tax Services