An Important Message from Virginia

The tax season is just around the corner and it is my pleasure, as always, to provide you with your copy of the 2015 Taxpayer Organizers. This organizer is useful to you as you go about assembling your paperwork and it is very helpful to me as I work on filing your individual taxes. 


Please be advised - If you have brokerage accounts, it is your responsibility to provide those statements for tax preparation. Please print out those statements and bring with you when you drop your tax documents off for preparation.  If we have to pull those brokerage statements for you there will an additional $25 charged added to the cost of tax preparation for each brokerage account in which we pull the brokerage statements. 


Brokerage statements should be available at  the end of February or the 1st part of March for you to download or have mailed to your address.


My assistant, Barbara, will be receiving tax documents for me to prepare this year. Please make sure you include your contact information should I have questions about filing your return. Due to new IRS regulations, I will be reviewing all tax documents before presenting them to you. Therefore, there will be very few I can do with you sitting in front of me, as we have done many times in the past.


I will still be offering audit protection, which will be available to any of you who are interested in purchasing it. The IRS has become very aggressive over the last few years and I have found myself answering IRS letters for information that was included on the tax return – but they are just doing a “mail audit” requesting additional information and no mistakes were made on the tax return. So I have unfortunately had to start charging for this additional work (or go up on everyone’s tax fees). So I decided I would give you the choice of either pre-purchasing or paying the hourly fees if you choose not to purchase.


If I made a mistake on the tax return, as always, I stand behind my work and will respond to those at no charge. But over the last year, out of the letters I have responded to, only 1% were actual mistakes that I had made. The others were the IRS just questioning items – hoping you would just pay them extra money.


I look forward to working with you again during 2016!




Virginia Shelby


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