Tax Season is Over!

Yesterday many of us sent our checks to the IRS for our tax payment. As a result I thought this week’s newsletter might be a good time to poke a little fun at our tax system. I have scoured the internet this week in search of various “fun” jokes for the season – all in good humor of course. We are all still proud to be Americans and do enjoy many of the fruits of our tax system but as with anything, there is occasionally a rotten piece of fruit in the basket.


Ambition in America is still rewarded . . . with high taxes.


There was a time when $1000.00 was the down-payment on a car; now it's the sales tax  


Drive carefully. Uncle Sam needs every taxpayer he can get.


Congress has the unsolved problem of how to get the people to pay taxes they can't afford for services they don't need.


A fool and his money are soon parted. The rest of us wait until income tax time.


Golf is a lot like taxes. You drive hard to get to the green and then wind up in the hole.


The average man knows as much about the atomic bomb as he does about his income-tax form.

Income taxes are not so bad and certainly could be worse. Suppose we had to pay on what we think we are worth?

George Washington never told a lie, but then he never had to file a Form 1040.


What the present income-tax form needs is a section which would explain the explanations.


Income tax is the fine you pay for thriving so fast.


A lot of people still have the first dollar they ever made - Uncle Sam has all the others

 Unquestionably, there is progress every where. The average American now pays out as much in taxes as he formerly received in wages


A man admitted he lied on his income-tax return - he listed himself as the head of the household!


The average man now lives thirty-one years longer than he did in 1850. He has to in order to get his taxes paid.


Of course you can't take it with you, and with high taxes, lawyer's fees, and funeral expenses you can't leave it behind either.


The reward for saving money is being able to pay our taxes without borrowing.


Being a success today means the government takes away in taxes what you used to dream of earning.

An American can consider himself a success when it costs him more to support the government than to support a family.

The fourth of July, 1776 - that's when we declared our freedom from unfair British taxation. Then, in 1777, we started our own system of unfair taxation.


Some people think the government owes them a living. The rest of us would gladly settle for a small tax refund.


It's hard to believe America was founded to avoid high taxation.


Have a great year but remember, if you want to pay less tax next year – then we have to plan now to avoid further taxes next year.


Virginia Shelby, CPA, CTC

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